Unlimited opportunities for improving economic vitality and improving quality of life

San Benito County Business Council

Unlimited opportunities for improving economic vitality and improving quality of life

San Benito County Business Council

SBCBC At A Glance

Driving Force of San Benito County

We are local business, agency & government leaders committed to actively contributing to the economic vitality and well-being of the communities of San Benito County.

Established in 2001, the Business Council is a 501(c) 6 non-profit member-based organization representing over 45 local and regional municipal agencies, businesses, trade organizations and major employers representing more than 6000 employees in the Monterey Bay, Central Coast and South Bay Regions.

Continually striving to be an active convener and the most effective, respected and “common sense” voice for building a sustainable future in San Benito County.

Years in Business
2024-2025 Member & Organizational Goals

promoting economic development and business growth in the region

Retention, expansion, job creation & growth of existing businesses

The San Benito County Business Council is dedicated to advancing the economic vitality of the region by prioritizing the retention, expansion, job creation, and comprehensive growth of existing businesses. Our primary aim is to foster a robust business environment, ensuring the sustained success and prosperity of enterprises that form the backbone of San Benito County’s economic landscape. Through strategic initiatives and collaborative efforts, we aim to not only preserve and strengthen the existing business community but also catalyze opportunities for increased employment, expanded operations, and overall advancement, contributing to the flourishing economic ecosystem of our community.

Support development of EDC 2023-2028 CEDS – Supporting new business attraction  

The commitment of our organization extends to actively supporting the development of EDC 2024-2028 CEDS. A focal point of our engagement is dedicated to facilitating the attraction of new businesses to our community. By aligning our efforts with the strategic goals outlined in the CEDS, we aim to create an environment that is conducive to the establishment and flourishing of diverse enterprises. Through collaboration with key stakeholders, innovative initiatives, and targeted programs, we strive to foster an atmosphere that not only invites but also nurtures the growth of new businesses, contributing to the economic vibrancy and sustainability of our region.

Infrastructure: Measure G Implementation – road, highway and infrastructure improvements, broadband, energy, education, housing, water & wastewater, tackling blight & litter

The robust implementation of Measure G underscores our unwavering commitment to elevating the overall infrastructure of our community. This comprehensive initiative spans a spectrum of vital projects, including crucial projects such as road improvements, broadband access, energy sustainability, education, housing development, and efforts to address blight and litter. By focusing on these key areas, we aim to create a well-connected, sustainable, and thriving community, fostering both safety and quality of life for our residents.

Supporting, building relations with elected officials, staff, regional organizations, community

Establishing robust connections is central to our strategy, involving engagement with elected officials, staff, regional organizations, and the community. We prioritize transparent communication with elected representatives, collaborate closely with our dedicated staff, and work with regional organizations to maximize resources. Our commitment to the community involves active engagement, seeking input, understanding concerns, and collectively shaping a vibrant and inclusive future for all.

OUR Initiatives

focusing on some of the most complex Tasks facing San benito county

Business Growth

Our goal is to foster the growth and development of the business community. We strive to enhance opportunities, collaboration, and the overall vitality of businesses in San Benito County.

Economic Development

Our focus is on stimulating economic development in San Benito County, aiming to create growth, employment opportunities, and overall community prosperity.


Infrastructure development is a priority, encompassing initiatives to improve roads, enhance broadband access, and address energy, education, housing, water, and wastewater needs.

Intergovernmental Collaboration

This collaboration involves close coordination and partnership among various government entities. The goal is to maximize resources, streamline services, and address community needs.

Environmental Wellness and Sustainability

We strive for environmental wellness in San Benito County through strategic initiatives, promoting conservation, reducing ecological impact, and enhancing community well-being.

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Why Join San Benito County Business Leaders?

With a member base of some of the region’s most influential businesses and organizations, San Benito County Business Council (SBCBC) represents and promotes our business community locally, in Sacramento and in Washington, D.C. Working with its investors, government and academia, SBCBC promotes economic development with a focus on business resources, an education system that produces a skilled workforce, a range of housing, and sound investments towards an efficient and reliable infrastructure.

SBSBC team

Learn about the critical issues impacting San Benito County and become part of the leadership group that offers sustainable solutions and delivers results.

By engaging, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the implementation of effective strategies that not only address these critical issues but also yield tangible and positive outcomes for the community.


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